ZSK Technical Embroidery System SGW 0100-1375-1200

ZSK's Technical Embroidery Systems offer three different embroidery heads. The heads work as well as single head as in any combination.

1 - F-Head

The F-head is ZSK's standard embroidery head with 6, 9 or 12 needles. This head allows to embroider Functional Sequins with e.g. LED or integrated circuits, Running Stitches for e.g. conductive path and antennas or Satin Stich. With additional to the F-head attachable devices like the ZSK Hot Air Cutting Device HAC or the EP 1.2 Cording Device the work piece can be further processed on the machine.

2. K-Head

The K-head allows the moss and chain embroidery, which are essential techniques for creating sensors, touch buttons or actuators.

3. W-Head

The W-head enables the absolutely free and flexible laying and fixation of media like wire, fibrous material or tubes at the 2-dimensional level of the carrier material. The laying is limited only by the physical characteristic of the media. Tailored Placement is the primary targeted application area for this head.